Bra fitting after mastectomy or reconstruction

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Bra manufacturers insist that millions of women wear the wrong size bras. According to an international survey of 10,000 women from Swiss lingerie company Triumph, 64 percent of women are wearing the wrong size bra. Other studies suggest that figure is closer to 80 percent.

While it can be challenging for women with healthy breasts to get the right fit, a well-fitting bra is essential, especially for those who have undergone mastectomy or reconstruction after breast cancer.

Post-mastectomy and lumpectomy procedures vary. Some women opt for a prosthesis, which is essentially a breast form (silicone, foam, or fiber-fill) that is placed inside of a bra or attached to the chest wall. Other women choose to undergo surgical reconstruction that will involve the insertion of an implant.

Depending on the procedure they undergo, women may need to purchase special bras called “mastectomy bras.” John Hopkins Medicine advises that mastectomy boutiques and specialty shops carry a variety of prosthetics and garments. Such shops also may employ certified fitters who are skilled at fitting women who have undergone treatment for breast cancer.

Women should know that their bodies may change after undergoing a mastectomy. It may be necessary to get sized after surgery and frequently thereafter to accommodate for weight loss or gain and other changes as one ages. The Pink Bra, a mastectomy bra specialty retailer, advises every woman should have her bra and breast form fitting checked at least once per year to allow for changes in weight or body shape that may occur as a result of post-surgery treatment.

Certain bra styles may feel and look better to women than others, depending on the type of surgery and reconstruction they had. For example, a camisole bra may help cover surgical scars while a conventional strap bra might be suitable when no tissue has been removed under the clavicle. It may take some trial and error to find a brand, style, and size that is most comfortable.

A surgeon will recommend the appropriate time to start wearing a prosthesis or undergo further reconstruction. He or she also can advise when substantial healing has occurred so that bra fittings will be most accurate. A physician may write a prescription for any prosthetic device or mastectomy bra so patients’ insurance companies will cover them. John Hopkins says that, in the United States, most insurance companies will cover up to four mastectomy bras per year.

When properly sized and fitted for a woman’s needs, post-mastectomy bras will look natural and feel comfortable.

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Biting commentary: Creepy art with political agenda

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By Julianne Cuba

Brooklyn Paper

He’s giving his eyeteeth for this show.

A Prospect Heights artist who uses three-dimensional printing to create creepy sculptures filled with teeth, skulls, and eyeballs will show off his latest work during the annual Gowanus Open Studios event on Oct. 21–22. Peter Patchen says that his piece “Gnaw” combines elements of the dead, with its rust-like coloring and broken jaw, with a wide open, shiny eye that gives it life.

“When something rusts or oxidizes it just gives it that feeling of decay or age, but then within that there’s something sort of alive, there’s this eye or a mouth with teeth, but when you look at them they are in the wrong place, the upper jaw is the lower teeth and backwards,” said Patchen, who lives in Prospect Heights. “The eye sort of suggests that it’s still alive, but it’s not really clear.”

Patchen’s work seems perfect for the spooky Halloween season, but it is designed to make a political statement about human suffering and people being metaphorically eaten alive, he said.

“What’s happening in the current political climate for me is unbelievable, I find myself thinking about it all the time,” said Patchen. “So it’s really part of this larger series, questioning our motives when it comes to using technology, and at this time, everything becomes political as everything should be — even in our politics, are we eating or are we being eaten?”

Having an orange-haired man for president is more terrifying than Patchen’s work could ever be, he said.

“The scariest monster is in the White House, as far as I’m concerned,” said Patchen.

In another piece, twins staring at a moth evoke questions of different values coming into conflict, he said.

“No matter how identical they are, they are never going to quite see that moth in the same way,” said Patchen. “It’s conflicting viewpoints, and no matter how much the same we are, we start to tear each other apart.”

Patchen and his frightening pieces are among about 350 Gowanus displays going up during the weekend event, including Brooklyn native Susan Handwerker’s ceramics, Lisa Lincoln’s anthropomorphic pottery, and Gil Kuno’s absurd mixed media pieces.

Peter Patchen (540 President St. between Third and Fourth avenues in Gowanus, Oct. 21–22; noon–6 pm. Free. Gowanus Open Studio opening party at Brooklyn SolarWorks (200 Sixth St. between Second and Third avenues in Gowanus), Oct. 20; 7–10 pm. Free. Studios open all over the neighborhood.

Reach reporter Julianne Cuba at (718) 260–4577 or by e-mail at Follow her on Twitter @julcuba.

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Underground activism: Subway-station posters shed light on boro poverty

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By Alexandra Simon

Brooklyn Paper

Talk about platforms for change.

Straphangers across the borough are being targeted by the creators of a new poverty-awareness campaign who plastered posters in dozens of subway stations that shed light on the fragile financial states of hundreds of thousands of Brooklynites. The placards, which feature notable locals including artists, chefs, and designers, educate residents on the plights of their neighbors who struggle to get by, many of whom are black, in an attempt to promote unity, according to the woman who spearheaded the initiative.

“As black people in Brooklyn we understand that many residents struggle in our community to make ends meet,” said Sonya Shields of Brooklyn Community Services, which advocates for the borough’s less fortunate. “This campaign is to bring our entire community together across socioeconomic status.”

The posters for the “Many Voices, Many Stories” campaign note that 23 percent of Kings Countians live in poverty, and feature photos of influential residents — including the co-host of foodie talk-show “The Chew,” Carla Hall, and local music-maker, DJ Spinna — above quotes from each that address the issue.

And one Caribbean-American interior designer who participated said it was an honor to personally advocate for the less fortunate members of her community.

“I’m really happy I was selected to be a part of this and to use my influence in Brooklyn,” said Malene Barnett, the owner of Malene B design studio who lives in Bedford-Stuyvesant. “There are things that need to be addressed and I want to bring awareness, especially in my community, because it’s going to benefit more than just myself — the goal is to inspire others to take action.”

Barnett, who urges “Don’t allow anyone to define you by your living situation … dream big and remember you have purpose” in her poster, said she hopes the information the placards present spurs witnesses to help their fellow neighbors.

“I want you to be in shock, because when you hear the percentage, it’s not something you would think,” she said. “But once you know, you can take action and find ways you can support people living in these situations.”

See the posters yourself at stations in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Boerum Hill, Brooklyn Heights, Bushwick, Carroll Gardens, Clinton Hill, Dumbo, Flatbush, Ditmas Park, Fort Greene, Gowanus, Greenpoint, West Midwood, and Williamsburg.

Reach reporter Alexandra Simon at (718) 260?8310 or e-mail her at
Kearny bank

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'Big Hero 6' TV Series to Launch With One-Hour Movie

Disney has revealed plans to launch a major new TV series based on the popular Big Hero 6 series. In preparation for that television event, Disney DX and the Disney Channel will both air a new hour-long movie titled Baymax Returns, which is comprised of several short pieces all intended to build up support and hype for the Big Hero 6 series premiere.

On course to air on television in November, Baymax Returns will serve as a sort of “prequel” for the 2018 arrival of the Big Hero 6 TV series. Put together by Disney Animation Studios, the Marvel-created Big Hero 6 series is based on the Academy Award winning film of the same name. Along with the aforementioned productions, a pair of special, fully-formed preview episodes of the television series will also be available only on the DisneyNOW app and Disney XD VOD. Baymax Returns will take place after the narrative of the movie, and connect the dots between the film and the TV series.

You can expect Baymax Returns to air on Disney XD and Disney Channel on November 20, 2017.

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'Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus' Presents New Trailer

The new launch trailer for Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus has made its debut and it features nothing but Nazi killing. The title is a direct sequel to 2014’s Wolfenstein: The New Order and takes place in an alternate reality where the Nazi regime has occupied America after winning World War II.

Players take control of BJ “Terror-Billy” Blazkowicz and alongside your rag-tag team of resistance fighters, your goal is to kick all the Nazis out of America once and for all. And by kick out, the game means kill mercilessly, as the trailer demonstrates a myriad of ways to dispose of the human dreck. Check out the trailer for this first-person shooter above and look for Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus to drop October 27 for Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC.


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Nike Is Set to Release the Air VaporMax in the Classic "Neon 95" Color Scheme

Nike is set to release another colorway variation of its popular Air VaporMax silhouette, this time rocking a retro tonal motif. Decked out in the classic “Neon 95” design, a two-toned grey Primeknit construction swathes the upper, while traces of “Neon Green” make its way onto the lace locks and Air-centric sole unit.

A regular fixture in the Air Max 95 lineup, the new iteration brings forth a nostalgic throwback vibe to the Swoosh’s contemporary runner. Set to retail for $190 USD, look for the new Nike Air VaporMax “Neon 95” at select Nike stockists come November 11.

Speaking of the Nike Air VaporMax, Anta recently released a knock-off model to compete alongside the original.

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An Exclusive First Look at READYMADE & Maxfield LA's Upcoming BAPE Collaboration

After several social media teasers hit the airwaves, we’re now granted an exclusive first look at the upcoming collaboration between READYMADE and Maxfield LA. First up, is the joint project between READYMADE and BAPE. The range draws heavy influence from military aesthetics, not only in the subdued olive color palette, but, also, in the camo-patterned prints, generous canvas applications and souvenir-style patch accents. BAPE’s signature full-zip hoodie is joined by a flurry of accessory items, namely, the boxing gloves/shorts/punching bag set, duffel bag, cross-body carryall and a BE@RBRICK figurine.

Also set to launch is a jacket designed in tandem with Fear of God. Based on the classic Trucker silhouette, the item features distressed detailing, button-down closure and an army-inspired U.S. MAIL stamp hitting the back. The unveiling of both collections is scheduled for October 20 at Maxfield LA.

In other fashion news, GUESS recently created a Japanese capsule collection for SOPH.

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