The Cicret Bracelet

Has been a minute since technology really wow’ed me. But this here folks… Is something to salivate for! The Cicret Bracelet. This Bracelet is a smart phone that is worn on the wrist and shoots a hologram that represents your phone screen onto you skin. Check out the video and pay attention to the different conditions the Bracelet is being used. #thenatimes

Airplane Seating re-designed for Today!

For those First Class Flyers! On the new A330 and A340 aircrafts will provide additional space for four more business seats with a 96 inch flat bed, improved privacy, more storage space and a bigger interactive touch screen while maintaining the same cabin space. The Whole plain should be like this… #justsaying –  Iberia economy and business class redesign by mormedi.


Hennessey Venom GT

Hennessey will be building only five of these Venom GTs each year. It is slated as one of the most exclusive supercars around, with availability in both left-hand and right-hand drive configurations. The Venon GT will have a light price tag of $950,000 USD each. The custom build includes a standard 1200 hp mid-engine, optional upgrades and hand-built construction that takes over six months to complete with a small team of craftsmen at the company’s facilities in Sealy (Texas), Lake Forest (California) and Silverstone (England).