Dismaland – by Banksy

Banksy Does it again! He brings you Dismaland; a spin on Disney land. This exhibit is in Somerset U.K. and runs from August 21st 2015 to September 27th, 2015. Entry fee is 5 pounds for non-residents and 3 pounds for locals. Banksy always has an agenda with his art. Enjoy #thenatimes.banksy-dismaland-preview

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Diet Coke Designs by Marc Jacobs

From Clothes to Cans, Marc Jacobs does his design thing. Jacobs’ pays homage to female empowerment in the 80’s and 90’s with these designs. “Sparkling Together for 30 Years” campaign features three different illustrations; the first can features a bow tie covered can over a model in a tuxedo, the second can is stylized birds flit around a crouching model, and lastly the Polka dot design with Model  wearing stripes.