Rick Ross gets Dropped By REEBOK

Man, I knew it! Dude is rapping about raping women! Please and Thank You!  The Boy Tyga and Swiss got the Brand for themselves now.
I didn’t think He was a good look for the Brand anyway! Lata Rozay!, Better go endorse that morning after pill! #pause

Thanks To the WWW for pics etc..


Eat Good – Live Longer!


Good Afternoon!

Eat Good and Live longer! What a statement! Do you eat good? Do you even know what eating good is? I am a pescatarian. I eat mostly veggies and the occasional fish here and there. Always in search of good food to eat and food that provides my body with those essentials needed to live longer and stronger.

Love living in Crown Heights, because of all the fruit stands up and down Nostrand Avenue. Juicing has turned into the next best thing. Liquid energy seems to be the best for me. Kale, Cucumber and a bit of Ginger! (Powder protein adds the extra punch)

Say NO to soy! In my opinion most processed foods are no good.

Juice and Live Long!