“Python” by JBF


JBF goes in on thes AJ1’s. Lightly priced at $800 USD. Available in a limited edition of only 3 per color, each shoe is built with industrial equipment, featuring genuine python snakeskin and lambskin leather lining. Both black/royal blue and Chicago colorways will be available to order online.

Michael Jordan’s 50th Celebration Cover – Sports Illustrated



Jordan turns 50 and Sports Illustrated honors MJ for his Birthday. Michael Jordans Birthday is this Sunday. See some previous covers below. Such a great career. Enjoy!

Diet Coke Designs by Marc Jacobs

From Clothes to Cans, Marc Jacobs does his design thing. Jacobs’ pays homage to female empowerment in the 80’s and 90’s with these designs. “Sparkling Together for 30 Years” campaign features three different illustrations; the first can features a bow tie covered can over a model in a tuxedo, the second can is stylized birds flit around a crouching model, and lastly the Polka dot design with Model  wearing stripes.